Jewelry Buying Guide

Jewelry is usually a very safe bet when you want to buy a gift for someone you care about. It works well as a gift for family members, friends, or partners. However, it only really works well when you make the right choice. For every person that’s thrilled with a piece of jewelry from a loved one, there’s at least one person that’s not too pleased. But, that’s the same with all gifts – it’s about knowing the person you’re buying for and getting them something they’ll like. 

The obvious solution is to straight up ask your loved ones what they want. Give them a selection of pieces or tell them to point out a piece of jewelry they really like. Sure, you literally can’t fail, but it kind of feels like cheating. You haven’t put much effort in, and the gift receiver might not want to tell you what you should buy. Instead, you should read through the tips in this guide to learn how to buy the perfect piece of jewelry for your loved one!

Know their tastes

Do a little bit of recon work in your spare time, getting to know the person’s tastes. The next time you see them, take note of what they’re wearing. Or, if you don’t live together, look at their photos and see if you can spot any trends. For example, do they always wear lots of rings, have they got similar earrings on all the time, do they like a particular style of necklace? 

The more research you do, the more you learn about the person. You could also walk by jewelry stores when you’re out together. You could even stop and look in the window, pretending that you’ve seen something you like. If you do have an idea for a gift in mind already, this can be a good way to get their views without making it too obvious. Regardless, they may point out different pieces, giving you a better idea of their tastes. Now, you should be able to rule out some types of jewelry and only focus on others. 

Understand their sizes

Now, this is the hardest part of buying jewelry for someone, but you do have a slight margin for error with some pieces. Obviously, jewelry doesn’t come as a one-size-fits-all product. Like clothes, you have to understand what size the person is. With things like necklaces or bracelets, you might not have specific sizes as they can be adjusted. So, it’s not that difficult to select the right options when you’re choosing them. Likewise, earrings and other piercings don’t have sizes, so you have no issues here. 

In all honesty, rings are the main problem! If you want to buy a ring for someone, you need to know what size they are. If they’re your partner or a family member, this could be easy as you can slip into their room and look at the sizing on one of their rings. But, if they’re a friend that you don’t live with, the task is much harder. You could ask their housemates for help, try to bring up ring sizes naturally in a conversation, or just guess. If you and your friend have similarly-sized fingers, you can make an educated guess based on your own ring size. 

Be aware of the occasion

Why are you giving this person a gift? What is the occasion or purpose of this piece of jewelry you are buying them? You see, the reason for buying the jewelry plays a huge role in deciding the type of piece to buy. As an example, you will obviously buy something completely different for a friend’s birthday than you would for your partner on a wedding anniversary! 

Consequently, think long and hard about why you’re buying this, and you should start seeing a few options that are better than others. For a partner on a big occasion, you want something flashy and expensive. If one of your friends has recently suffered a bereavement, you may opt for things like cremation jewelry. It’s all about understanding the context behind your gift, then matching it with something appropriate. Otherwise, you can make the big mistake of buying a piece of jewelry that simply doesn’t line up with the occasion. It can be underwhelming for the receiver, or just plain awkward for both of you. 

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Quality matters

Finally, let’s talk about quality. Clearly, you can buy all kinds of jewelry from many different brands. Some designer brands are outrageously expensive and you could afford a house for the same price as one of their necklaces. Others are absurdly cheap to the point that you wonder how they were made and what they’re made from. For most people, you should look to avoid either end of the spectrum. Well, you can splash the cash if you really want to, but most people here can’t afford the top-tier jewelry for sale. 

Instead, it’s all about finding the best-quality jewelry within your price budget. The keyword is quality – there’s nothing worse than poor-quality jewelry. If you give someone a plastic necklace or earrings, it just looks like you really haven’t thought about the gift at all. Some people may disagree with this, but it’s worth spending more money to get a higher quality piece of jewelry than it is to opt for the cheapest stuff you can find. Good jewelry will remain in excellent condition for much longer, meaning your gift has more longevity. So, when you’re comparing pieces, don’t focus too much on the price alone – look at the key quality indicators, such as carats, materials, and so on. 

To summarize, the key to buying jewelry for others is to understand their tastes, know their sizes, be wary of the occasion, and focus on quality. When you look at it like that, it’s pretty simple!

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The Leggings You Need in Your Wardrobe

Leggings can be an essential addition to every woman’s closet. While they can be comfortable, the many available options can make it a bit challenging to know the right leggings you may need in your closet. If this sounds like you, this guide has got you covered. Read on to find out the top types of leggings you need in your wardrobe to enhance your style and comfort.

Black Leggings

One of the reasons you may want black leggings is that you can incorporate them with various colors. You can pair them with all different types of tops. For a more dressed up look, you can wear a sleek turtleneck and pair it with boots or a blazer. Curves N Combatboots stands out from the crowd for quality black leggings by providing high-quality and comfortable wear.

Colored Leggings

Black leggings are essential in your closet, but if you’re looking to turn up the vibrance to your style, try leggings. Unfortunately, not everyone is well-versed in combining colors. Here are helpful tips for wearing colored leggings:

  • For leggings with one color, try wearing with a matching colored top for a monochromatic look
  • If your leggings have multiple colors, you can wear a top that matches one of the colors

Printed Leggings

This style is the most challenging to pull off in my opinion. I feel most would opt for black or a solid color before picking a print like flower or animal. However, you can try to pair it with different colors. If you get it right, your look can be creative and fun. If you think pairing print leggings with other patterns is impossible, here are some ideas to help come up with an awesome combination:

  • If you don’t like bold patterns, you can try print leggings with subtle details such as tie-dyed in muted or pastel colors, pinstripes, or mini polka dots designs
  • Leopard print leggings are popular and can be an excellent option if you’re looking to try trends
  • Since leggings are not pants, you should pair your printed leggings with a longer dress. Nobody was ever a fan of a camel-toe situation!

Non-see through Leggings

Non-see through are popular but when purchasing your pair, make sure they’re opaque. I’ve seen some girls walking around the city with their booty showing through, not sure if it’s intentional or not. But they should be thick to cover you well. You can also pair these with official or casual wear.

Mesh Leggings

Mesh leggings have been a trend, and many women prefer them. They are popular because they go well with workouts. The mesh enhances their breathability, making them the best option, especially if you do long workouts. Apart from their effectiveness in workouts, these leggings are also fashionable.

Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are a staple. They are versatile, comfortable, and sleek. These types of leggings are a great investment, but you need to care for them properly. Leather leggings are long-lasting, but you need to clean and store them correctly.

To Sum it Up

With different leggings, you can rock your dressing daily and attain a stunning look without the worry of lacking the right options. However, like any other fashion trend, you should ensure you’re comfortable with leggings because other people can see what you feel in your clothes. If you’re confident, people will admire your style.

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Make it Fashion, Always

Whether you’re a big fashion lover or tend to throw on whatever you find in your closet, getting dressed in the right outfit can really make or break your day. It may be about feeling confident, expressing yourself, or straight up being as comfy as can be. If you agree that things have been feeling a bit heavy as of late, you could add a little more fun with fashion – I think you should give it a try! Let’s make 2021 the year we step out of our comfort zones, inject some color and be playful with our fashion and style choices. This is all about creating confidence and having fun, so play around with your looks, switch up some elements and see what is really sparking joy with your fashion and style choices. Here are some tips…

Wear a New Color

If you usually go for black or neutral colors most of the time, why not add some color to your outfit? It could be as simple as adding a pop of color to your shoes. Or if you are not quite ready to make that outfit choice, try incorporating a bright scarf or headband to level up your look. Bold patterns can seem intimidating to some, so if you are not used to wearing them, keep it simple by switching out a black or neutral colored top for a other hues, keeping everything else the same. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a whole wardrobe overhaul, add a little to what you’re used to.

Show Humor

Choosing a witty T-shirt is a cute way to add fun to your look. You could choose your favorite meme or hilarious quote. Graphic t-shirts can be styled in so many ways that look cool and stylish. I would go for a casual look with high-waisted pants and a jacket over the top. 

Go Big with Accessories

Having fun with fashion does not have to mean completely changing your entire outfit or style. By adding an accessory or two, you can introduce a whole new element to your attire, without breaking the bank or changing up your style identity too much. You could try adding some trendy earrings to your outfit, a hair accessory, or even a cool belt. One easy way is to add a statement handbag – it can make a huge impact on your overall look. 

Ultimately, the key is to have fun. So if that means starting with something that is a small step out of your comfort zone, then go for it. If it means going completely 180 from your usual style, give it a try. Why not? Remember, you do not have to completely change everything in your wardrobe (or anything at all, in fact!). You can create a more playful look in so many ways, so try out a few ideas at home and stick with whichever look you feel most confident in wearing. Honestly, anything is possible, as long as you feel incredible. Be bright, be bold and be unapologetically you.

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What You Should Know About Designer Brands Before Buying Them

Let’s talk about ethics. The fashion world has been under a lot of scrutiny when it comes to ethical business practices. We may not fully understand the underlying issues that this industry has, but we can’t deny that some brands don’t really seem to care about the people they work with. IG profiles like @diet_prada will even put these brands and designers on blast, highlighting unethical practices. But there are brands who have been fighting against this in recent years, working towards producing clothing that is both affordable and ethical, while also highlighting the issues in the bigger picture. So how can we as consumers do our part to support brands that are doing the right thing?

Mission Statements & Advertising

Companies that make ethical decisions will usually try to get the word out about their choices as much as they can. This diminishes the effort in some people’s minds, but it doesn’t really matter if they make money out of being ethical; the end result is still a positive one. You can use a company’s mission statements and other advertising to get an idea of whether or not they are ethical. There are a lot of clothing brands out there that will plant trees or take part in other charitable acts whenever they sell an item, and finding them is pretty easy.

User-Generated Content

While we would all like to believe we can trust the brands we buy from, it’s not always easy to make sure that we can 100% believe what they tell us. This makes user reviews incredibly important for any online shopper. Check out this Hearts on Fire review here that shows you a breakdown of the diamond brand. The review shows that they care about their customers and truly want to give them a positive experience. This site may not go into full detail about the source of products, but it still gives you an idea of how well they treat their customers. So important for investment pieces.

The News & Media

Are you ever shocked when you find that the brands you love have been acting unfairly? What do you do when you see stories in the media about your favorite brand/fashion house making bad decisions? If you love wearing pieces from a particular brand / fashion house, you should also keep up with the news surrounding the designer brands. If you’re buying and wearing their pieces, you are standing for what they believe in. Not a lot of people realize that Hugo Boss had strong connections to Germany’s Nazi Party in World War Two, but there are countless news stories that cover this topic in depth. Just saying.

With all of this in mind, you should take time to learn about designer brands before you spend money with them. Right now our world is going through a major change. 2020 is the year to listen, realize the truth, and take action to make it better. It’s like we’re going through a deep clean and weeding out the bad at a rapid pace. Unethical companies would have been pulled out anyways, but now brands are being held accountable more than ever. So do your part.

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The Verdict on Wearing Glasses?

Julia Lee Glasses for Your Face Shape

Have you tried adding trendy glasses to your look? There’s a geek-chic kind of style that everybody loves, except when you are told that you need to add a corrective lens to those frames. Say what now? It’s all fun doing the trendy eyewear with neutral lenses and those thin wire shapes, but as soon as it becomes imperative, your look seems a lot less cute. 

Why do we feel silly when we put on corrective glasses? Is it because we have to commit to wearing them and can’t just quickly throw them on as a fun accessory? How about the fact that the term “corrective glasses” just sounds so blah. The reason is the actual lens. Depending on the correction you are being prescribed, your lenses could be thick or thin. Besides, they could also transform your eyes, maximizing them, or minimizing your features into tiny dots. 

But have you heard of high-index lenses? These lenses can keep even the highest correction lenses between 5 and 8 mm, which can make a huge difference when rocking your glasses. Here are some other tips to make it work and fall in love with your eyewear:

Julia Lee Glasses for Your Face Shape Oversized Tortoise Frames
Oversized Tortoise Frames

Eyewear Comes in Many Shapes

The first thing you need to know about eyewear is that not all shapes will suit your face. You might find a small round frame a la John Lennon – or Harry Potter if we are to pick an earlier reference – appealing, but this shape works best on faces with prominent square features. If you have a round-ish face, on the other hand, this could play against you. On round faces, cat-eye frames add softness and angular features. Check out these styles at Definitely do your research and know what works for your face shape.

Another thing to keep in mind is the thinness of your frame. If your eyesight needs strong correction, your lenses may be too thick for the frames, even if you use those high-index materials. 

Your Hairstyle Changes the Shape of Your Face

How you wear your hair tells the story. The way it frames your face – or not – will help bring out your glasses. Someone with naturally thin hair is likely to feel overwhelmed by an oversized round or square frame. But does it mean you can’t wear such frames? Absolutely not! You can have a selection of two to three different frames to match your hairstyle. Take an oversized pair of glasses for instance. You may want to add some volume to your hair to create a homogeneous look. And if you opt for an elegant cat-eye frame, try it with some classy, glam waves.

Get Your Makeup on Point

Does makeup matter when you’re wearing glasses? Hell yes, girl! For a start, you’d showcase your eyes rather than your glasses. Take a look at this killer makeup guideline for babes who wear glasses on for major inspo. Try adding definition to your features with an eyeliner crayon to make your eyes pop out. Don’t be afraid of using a concealer too, as glasses can make small lines appear harsher.

So what’s the verdict? Do you still think you’ll look silly with glasses? No, but you’ll look different, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can experiment with different styles if you buy a couple of frames in various shapes or colors. More importantly, glasses can bring diversity to your look. And for days when you just can’t be bothered with extra eyewear, you can still pop in a pair of daily contact lenses! 

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