San Diego, Dallas, & Home – Places to See

Stopped by a few places before heading back to NYC for bridal week. My boyfriend and I drove from LA to San Diego. The nightlife is a lot smaller than LA & NYC, but there is Omnia night club where we saw Tiesto play. The layout is exactly the same as the Vegas one but on a smaller scale.  We were in the Gaslamp Quarter, which is a couple of streets and pretty safe at night. Besides the few nightclubs, there’s also lots of casual bars and late night food spots off Market Street, main street. It’s walkable, but you can also take a taxi or pedicab. My top spots are Rustic Root for outdoor rooftop views at night, Nobu for sushi, authentic Thai at Sab Lai Thai Kitchen, and Water Grill for oysters and a rustic/modern pub feel.


Also went to Dallas for a Fall wedding. First time there, and the city felt really modern and hip. Looked like there were lots of cool places to check out for food and drinks, so next time I’ll have to explore more. I did find this amazing snack that’s perfect when you’re on the go and craving something sweet. It’s called California Crisps and they have a whole line of dried fruits, chocolate drizzles, and simple fruit lollipops. I got blood orange slices with white chocolate drizzle and it was amazing



Also got to go home (I grew up outside Philadelphia) in the past few weeks. I did another episode of my show Juicy Endings with my sister. We talked about childhood memories and made an easy fried rice we always cooked as kids over the summer. Found a throwback of silly bands, does anyone remember these? Go Phillies. Oh yea, and practiced this Chopin song I played as a kid. I played classical piano for 9 years of my life and it was intense.


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