5 Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

Looking for ways to keep your teeth looking fresh and white? It’s so important to keep them healthy and in check. But no matter how much you keep up with flossing and brushing, your teeth can still be discolored. The problem is, teeth become discolored or stained for so many different reasons. 

Eating certain foods, for example, can cause our teeth to become stained. As time goes by, our tooth enamel gets thinner, and the dentin starts to become yellow. Both of these natural processes mean that our teeth may become less white as we age. If you’re looking for a few natural ways to get whiter teeth, check out a few of these.

1. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda, also called sodium bicarbonate, is a kind of salt made with bicarbonate anion and sodium cation. The original crystalline form is grounded into a fine powder which is then used in baking recipes or cleaning. When you brush your teeth using baking soda, you can reduce plaque, prevent decay, and remove stains. Try using a pea-sized amount mixed with your regular toothpaste.

2. Consider Your Diet

Looking for the easiest way to get naturally white teeth? The key is to consider your diet. It’s best to steer clear of drinks and foods which can stain the teeth. Avoid drinking too many dark juices or sodas, as well as wine or coffee. Foods that are dark in color can also cause stains, including soy sauce, curries, or dark berries.

Acidic foods can also leave you with yellow teeth, and this is because the acid can damage the enamel. For this reason, you should avoid eating too much candy and citrus fruits. Overall, eating a healthy diet can help to improve your teeth and improve your skin too.

3 . Oil Pulling Method

Oil pulling is a method of washing the mouth using oil. The idea is to remove dirt, bacteria, and debris. The oil pulling method is also effective as a teeth whitening solution. The National Library Of Medicine concluded that ‘Oil pulling using coconut oil could be an effective adjuvant procedure in decreasing plaque formation and plaque-induced gingivitis.’ You can try sunflower oil, sesame oil, or coconut oil.

4 . Neem

Neem is a kind of natural herb extracted from Neem trees; the tree is sometimes called Indian lilac, or its botanical name, Azadirachta indica. Centuries ago, sticks of neem were considered a great natural toothpaste, and many people still use this method today. Studies have indicated that the herb can prevent plaque, gum disease, and whiten your teeth. Neem is also an awesome herb for freshening the breath.

5. Basil

Basil is another great remedy for teeth whitening; it has natural bleaching properties and can help to fade yellow stains. Simply ground up basil leaves until you have a fine powder, and then mix the powder up with your regular toothpaste. You’d be surprised how many regular garden herbs are great for oral health, whether it’s peppermint or sage!

Now what if you’re looking for further improvements? If your teeth are chipped or cracked, meet with a cosmetic dentist. Whether you want to fix the gaps in your teeth or realign crooked teeth, the right dentist can help.

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