Date Day: Couple’s Spa

Any long lasting relationship takes work. Almost every time I ask married couples what the secret is to a healthy, long-lasting relationship they say that it takes work. Quality time is extremely important, but how do millennials find time in today’s busy world? There is so much going on that trying to balance work, love, and friends can seem impossible at times.

Some opt to skip the love part, but I’d say there are more pros than cons to being in a relationship. Sure, taking a week of to go on a vacation would be a great way to getaway and spend time together. But if you can’t do that just right now because of a time constraint, budget, or any other factors, here is something that you can do in one day. It’s a couple’s day at the spa. I did it with my boyfriend, and we got to relax and have fun together.

Couples Spa Day

Doing a couple’s spa day is the perfect way to be romantic with your partner and relax at the same time. Relieve yourself from work stress or anything else preventing you from being your 100%. Both my boyfriend and I were pretty busy during the summer and I felt like we needed more time together. We decided to try The Couple’s Spa on the Upper East Side of New York.

We usually do spa days together at hotels like the Wynn or Encore in Vegas, but what drew me into picking this place was the flower bath. After getting the massage together, you get a full body sea salt scrub, and then soak in a warm bath with rose and lemon aromas for pure relaxation.

The Treatment

Julia Lee The Couples Spa NYC Julia Lee The Couples Spa NYC

When we first walked into The Couple’s Spa, the first thing I noticed was pink. And lot’s of it. If you do check this place out, don’t let the decor fool you. Everything was so worth it. We checked in and went downstairs where two massage tables were set side by side with rose petals placed along the border and towels in the shape of hearts. How cute!

The massage treatment was a 90 minute deep tissue full body massage. After the massage we got a full body salt scrub. Salt scrubs are so beneficial to your body especially after a massage. They can reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, tighten skin, and reduce the look of aging skin and cellulite.

Julia Lee The Couples Spa NYC

Julia Lee The Couples Spa NYC

Then we went to another room with a really cute wooden bathtub filled with rose petals and lemons. We soaked in the bath while we were offered chocolate, fresh fruit, and wine. Lemons have healing agents that refresh and revive tired skin while rose oil helps moisturize skin.

In addition to the massage, we got custom facials which topped off the full day of pampering. We walked out of the spa feeling so relaxed. I would definitely recommend a spa date next time you think about planning another typical dinner date. And if you’re currently single, do it with a friend! I might go next time with my sisters.

Where to Find A Good Spa

I found this spa on Time Out Magazine. You can always look online for top couples massage in your city. Here’s a link to the best in LA via LA Confidential. ✌??

Julia Lee The Couples Spa NYC

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Four Seasons Westlake Staycation

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I decided to take a day trip to Malibu. We wanted to check out a spa and get a couples massage, so I did my fair amount of yelping and found the Four Seasons Westlake! The Four Seasons is a little north of Malibu and a great getaway from the city. We drove from LA for 1 hour with traffic.

The Hotel

When we arrived, the grounds looked like a Westlake estate. There was definitely an Asian vibe going on with the decor. The zen pagoda behind the pool made me feel like I wasn’t in California. The outside gardens were beautiful, and there was a country club like vibe with the great service by the pool and classic bar.


The Massage & Spa

The couples massage was just what we needed, and the one of the best massages my boyfriend has gotten in 10 years! There is a men’s and women’s changing room when entering the spa, . This area is equipped with lockers, bathrooms, showers, toiletries, jacuzzi, infused water, light fruit & nut mix, and daybeds facing a waterfall fountain. After getting your treatment, you can stay and relax at the daybed or hot tub.

Extra Fun

We also had lunch by the pool, checked out the garden, and watched a basketball game at the bar. I recommend the Four Seasons Westlake for any couples or someone looking to get away and do nothing but relax. There was also a really cute cafe when you first enter that has little bites and gelato. The grounds are super spacious, so there is plenty of room for parking. You can park in the garage for four hours, but we didn’t have a problem on Sunday staying longer without getting charged.


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