Workout Like a Pro-Athlete: VertiMax Bootcamp

Julia Lee Jon Kaker VertiMax

I tried the VertiMax Bootcamp with personal trainer Jon Kaker in Santa Monica, CA. The workout is all about using resistance to make your body work harder. When the resistance is taken off, you will run, jump, and move a lot faster. This workout system is popular for many in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. But for those of us who aren’t professional athletes, this workout develops type 2 muscle fibers that keep your body lean and firm. That means a toned body, especially the booty with all the jumps and side shuffles.

It was a killer workout, and I definitely want to incorporate this into my weekly routine 1-2 times per week.

Check out my video explaining the workout and watch my epic fall (5:24).

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The 2017 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot

Markelle Fultz

On August 11, 2017 I went to a photoshoot up in Tarrytown, NY. Except this time, I wasn’t the model. I was watching the NBA rookie class of 2017 take photos for promos and commercials. The NBA and Panini, a card collecting company, organized the NBA rookie photoshoot. My boyfriend is a breaker, meaning he buys collecting cards from Panini and opens them on camera for customers.

Ewing Knicks Knicks Training Facility Justin Patton


The 2017 NBA Rookie Class

This year’s class is supposed to be the best one yet. A lot of these rookies will become the next biggest stars in a few years. Some of the big names were Lonzo Ball, Markelle Fultz, Josh Jackson, Jayson Tatum, and Dennis Smith Jr. It was exciting to see all the newest talent in one place at the NY Knicks training facility.

NBA 2017 Rookie Class


Lonzo Ball Markelle Fultz Dennis Smith Jr.

The NBA Photoshoot


Each player was photographed and had video footage taken for the NBA and Panini. The press was there covering the event too and doing interviews. All the players showed off their coolest tricks on the net like dunks, through the leg shots, and slick layups.



Adidas out, Nike in. With a new global apparel partnership with the NBA, Nike is rolling out their new uniforms for the 2017-18 season. The rookies were the first to sport the new gear. Instead of home and road sets, each team has an “Association” uniform in white, an “Icon” edition in the team color, and an alternate jersey. Side slits on the shorts for better movement and a team logo on the waistband of the shorts are some other minor details added this year.

Nike has also branded each uniform with the classic Swoosh on the right shoulder of each uniform. On the left is an advertising patch for each team. Philadelphia has StubHub and Celtics have GE while some jerseys didn’t show an ad patch like the Lakers and Dallas. Since the Hornets are owned by Michael Jordan, their uniforms have the Jumpman logo instead of the Nike swoosh on the right side.

The Panini Card Breaking

How does Panini tie in to all of this? Well they have exclusive contracts with the rookies so they can make their trading cards. Sports fans love collecting these cards because there are real athlete autographs and pieces of their jerseys put onto the cards.

The rookies agree to sign a certain amount of cards and other memorabilia, which is all part of the agreement. And the photos taken at the shoot will be placed on the newest cards.

What do you think about the new Nike NBA uniforms? Do you like collecting trading cards? Tweet @itsjulialee or comment below.


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How To Do EDC Without Dying


Just went to EDC with my friend Natascha who is a singer/performer. We got the hook up with industry passes and got to go backstage to watch Looney Tunes and other EDM artists perform. The festival was definitely an experience and something I always wanted to do. It wasn’t easy getting to the venue considering it is way out in the middle of nowhere. If you plan on going to EDC, here are a few tips I want to share with you!



What to Wear

It’s for sure going to be hot, since you’re dancing in the desert. I wore a one-piece suit with cutoff denim shorts and a fringe jacket. Some girls were all out with no shame just wearing bathing suit bottoms and nipple covers. I get that it’s hot, but definitely would not go for that look. Here’s some inspo for festival wear…



Keep Energy Levels High

We started the day at 6 pm and didn’t leave the concert until 3 am. And that was going soft considering some fans went at 2 and stayed till much later. We thought getting tickets would be quick, but we actually had to go really far through the Mandalay Bay to a back area to collect our passes. Luckily there wasn’t a line, but it took us about half an hour to get our passes. Then, we got on a special bus that shuttled us out to the desert. If you don’t have industry passes, there was another shuttle that cost $20 and came every hour. The line for this was pretty long, so if there was a set you were planning to see, I would give yourself at least an hour of travel time coming from the strip.


Once we got to the festival, there was a lot of security and scanning of wristbands to get in. There were 15 stages making the complete festival pretty massive. If you can hop on a golf cart, I would definitely recommend it. It was super hot this year, 111 degrees, so drinking water was so necessary to avoid passing out. The lights all over were pretty intense too. Even being sober, I got sensory overload at one point and had to put my head down to calm down with everything going on.


Good Music All Around

The energy is something I can’t fully describe. You have to be there to totally get it, but it’s positive, strong, and refreshing. I met fans from Europe, Canada, and Australia to name a few. It’s amazing how people from all over the world come to Vegas for EDC. For some, it was their first time in America. Can you imagine EDC being their first impression of how Americans are?

The music was amazing with bands like Looney Tunes, Marshmello, Yellow Claw, and DJ Khaled. There was a booklet passed around that mapped out all the performances with times and stage locations.

Oh, and about the whole DJ Khaled incident… Khaled came on late and his music wouldn’t play, but he stayed on stage. Then every song played 30 seconds and stopped, like right when you get into it. Then they told him to get off for the next set, but he said he was going stay to finish. The crowd wanted Yellow Claw and chanted Yellow Claw every time DJ asked for the crowd to say his name, Khaled. Smh. I love both DJ Khaled and Yellow Claw still!


Backstage at Looney Tunes was also crazy. The pyrotechnics and lights show were sick and the fans were going wild. This group definitely has a dedicated fan base. Post show, fans kept on coming up to the group to ask for autos and selfies. What I loved most about Jan and Mitchell was that they never hesitated and always stopped to talk to fans after the show.


If you have any questions you want to ask me about EDC, comment below. Share your thoughts too!

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