Now What? Tips to Manage Your Money During the Pandemic

Thought this would be really helpful and wanted to do this video as part of my At Home Covid Series. Stay safe, informed, and well! Timestamps on questions asked below.

Sat down with Aquiles Larrea, founder and CEO of Larrea Wealth. He is an expert on wealth management and gave valuable insight on the road ahead. With our economy hit by the pandemic, Larrea advises us on what to do with our money right now.

1:28 – How do you stay focused right now?
2:10 – Advice for business owners and independent contractors moving forward?
4:02 – How do you pivot or find ways to re-strategize?
6:01 – What 3 countries should we be watching?
8:52 – What sectors should we focus on and avoid?
11:11 – Can you explain current stock market rises and falls?
13:48 – Thoughts on bitcoin?
16:34 – How do you find accurate info on bitcoin?
17:33 – What companies are you recommending to your clients right now?
21:16 – Where can we get in contact with you?
21:49 – Predictions for the rest of 2020?

This was filmed on 6/16/20, interested to look back on this video in a couple months and see where we’re at. Like & subscribe to my channel ❤️ it’s brand new & needs love!!!

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