Ways to Make Your Flight More Comfortable

As we all start to make travel plans for the future as restrictions lift, we need to start thinking about flights again. Flying in economy can be unpleasant, especially on smaller planes where legroom is restricted. However, just because you’re stuck in your seat, it doesn’t mean that you have to be uncomfortable. Try some of these simple tricks to help you feel more comfortable on a flight. 

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Dress Strategically

Layers are the key to flying in comfort. You never know how hot or cold it will be on the plane (and it can change quite dramatically during one flight), so wear clothing that you can easily take off. Soft, breathable items like sweatshirts and cotton T-shirts will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. A blanket scarf is ideal for flights and light layering too. Stay away from wool, tight-fitting clothes, or anything with scratchy tags. 

Wear The Right Shoes

Don’t wear high heels or chunky boots when you fly. You want to be in shoes that are comfortable, but that you can also slip on and off easily so you can clear security with any delays. Once you’re on the plane, you can take your shoes off. Feet often swell during flights, so wear comfortable socks or slippers to allow your feet some room. 

Bring Earplugs

Block out the noise of crying babies or noisy passengers with good quality earplugs. With the noise around you blocked out, it will be easier to nap during the flight. 

Pack A Light Snack

A small, healthy snack will be a good boost while you fly. Things like baby carrots, trail mix, fruit, or something else that can be kept in a plastic bag all make good flight snacks. Avoid any greasy foods that will make you feel lethargic. Avoid upsetting your neighbors, and leave the smelly foods at home. 

Check-In Early

Take a stress off the list and check-in early. If you check-in online before you head to the airport, you can save time queuing, and will also be able to choose ahead of time. 

Choose The Right Seat

Everybody has their own preferences on where they like to sit on a flight. Taller passengers will do better in an aisle seat, as it’s easier to spread out. If you plan to nap on the flight, choose a window seat, so you won’t be disturbed by other passengers moving past you. All passengers want a seat closer to the front of the plane. The back is usually noisier because of the engine and might have some smell from the bathroom. 


Drink water, not coffee or soda. Caffeine and sugar can lead to a crash, making you feel more tired and dehydrated than before. The air inside the cabin is dry, with humidity levels of around 10 to 20 percent, compared to the usual 30 to 65 percent. This will dry out your eyes and skin, making you feel uncomfortable. Ask the flight attendant for more water if you need it. 

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Making Summer Travel Plans Once Restrictions Have Been Lifted

If you are yet to book your summer holiday, now is the time. Restrictions will be lifted in a lot of countries for the start of summer, so there is no better time to book a vacation! Everyone deserves a relaxing break, and in this post we have put together a list of some of the hottest summer travel destinations for 2021. So, keep on reading to discover more…

  • Croatia – If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, and let’s face it – who isn’t, then you will probably have already thought about booking a trip to Croatia. This country has become highly popular in recent years, especially due to the cheap flights that are available and also thanks to Croatia Rocks, brought to you by the Ibiza Rocks Group. If you are looking for a new place to go clubbing, Croatia is a good option to consider. 
  • Porto, Portugal – Porto is a beautiful place, which is steeped in culture. You will want to take your camera, from the colourful buildings, to the cobbled lanes, to the medieval churches; the city is a sight to behold.
  • Uganda – If you are someone who has a sense of adventure, Uganda is a great place to consider. If you want to have a luxurious and memorable vacation, consider safari holidays in 2021 to ensure that this is a year to remember for the right reasons! There are specialist companies that offer unforgettable safari trips, so it is best to book with one of these.
  • Haiti – If you are an adventurous traveller, this is a place to consider. The country is now ready for tourism, after the devastating earthquake that happened a decade ago. Haiti is a truly idyllic place, offering a vibrant art scene and an authentic Caribbean experience. 
  • Marrakech, Morocco – Morocco has a cool vibe, with the stylish chic boutique hotels and the delicious seafood restaurants. If you are looking for a hip seaside escape, this is a place that is well worth considering. 
  • Malaga, Spain – Malaga has long been a popular summer holiday destination, but it is set to experience a boom in popularity this year. There is a lot to love about this Spanish city; not only are the flights cheap, but it offers access to some of the most beautiful beaches, excellent shopping, fun nightlife and, of course, lovely weather. 
  • Cuba – There is something magical about Cuba, with its old school charm. If you book a trip for the end of July you will be there for the anniversary of the founding of Santiago de Cuba, so you can expect a week of carnivals and partying. 

So, there you have it; some of the best places to visit this summer. Which one tickles your fancy? No matter where you decide to go this summer, we hope that you have an incredible time. After all, we all deserve a bit of fun after the past year or so, don’t we?

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8 Ways To Make Your Travel Experience More Meaningful

Traveling is one of the best ways to explore life and open your mind to new thoughts. Contrary to common belief, it is more than just a one-time thing. The exposure to a new environment, comfort, and the independence that comes with traveling broadens your horizon and gives life new meaning. Regardless of time and budget limitations, you could always find something that fits within your scope. 

In most cases, your travel destination determines how much fun you’ll have; or so do most people think. Making your experience more meaningful goes beyond the set destination. 

Below are some tips to get the most out of your vacation.

Travel options to consider

Before traveling, you should identify all the available options and recognize what you stand to gain from each. These are: 

Solo travel

Traveling alone is the most flexible and unrestricted type of travel. Besides spending money as you wish, you get to make new friends and know yourself better. Now and then, go somewhere by yourself and enjoy the timeless peace of solitude.

Adventure travel

Spending time outdoors and appreciating nature has the potential to relax your mind, rejuvenate your soul and make you more self-aware. Take some time off and go on a safari, mountain climbing, or zip-lining. You will learn new skills and become motivated to explore far and wide. 

Family/Group travel

Group travel with either family or friends has never gone out of style and should be considered a vital part of bonding from time to time. Not only is it enriching, but, gets you to appreciate the little things in life with those you love most.  

Luxury travel

Alternatively, you could choose to immerse yourself in the lavish accommodation and indulge in the best levels of service. The sole purpose of this is to raise your standards and expand your mind to a distinguished lifestyle.

After identifying what is right for you, use the following tips in your travel plan. 

Ways to make your travel experience more meaningful

  1. Step outside your comfort zone

The purpose of traveling is to discover new territories and experience life from a different point of view. Easily put, carry your luggage, but leave your baggage at home. Let go of all the stress from work and focus on making memories with your family or friends. 

Try out something different, like renting out a party boat or losing yourself in some beach volleyball. It is only through stepping outside your comfort zone that you get to experience life at its fullest. The best part about it is that you don’t have to come up with crazy ideas. All you need to do is to get a little creative and do things differently. 

  1. Plan everything ahead of time

Traveling involves a lot of planning, which has a significant impact on the overall experience. For you to create something meaningful, you must plan way ahead of time. If possible, a couple of months would do. A proper plan ensures that you have a well-defined budget and minimizes the risk of stretching your wallet. 

A good travel plan helps you foresee immigration and transport issues, giving you time to formulate a backup plan. Supposing there are numerous points of interest you would like to visit, travel planning will help you prioritize and maximize everything.

  1. Try out local foods and embrace the culture.

Sight-seeing and meeting new people is a good experience in general, but nothing beats trying out local food. Different places all over the world have unique savory flavors and dishes. In essence, there are endless possibilities for food exploration. When traveling, don’t be restrictive with your diet. 

The food offered in any given country tells a lot about its culture and gives you something to ponder over. It provides new recipes and variations on how to make familiar dishes. 

  1. Live in the present

For a moment, choose to forget about your demanding job, hectic family life, and how to attain your personal goals. Instead, fill your mind with relaxing activities and an attitude of gratitude. Sooner or later, your mind will become quiet, and you will get the clarity needed to perform all necessary tasks. 

Life is a series of progressive memories happening at the same time. By realizing how short-lived a moment is, you will purpose to live life to its fullest. As usual, don’t forget to take photos and tell your story through the lens. 

  1. Diversify your wardrobe

Despite being a tourist, you should always strive to observe the dressing code of any given locality. Conforming to the set standards provides an opportunity to blend in and make your travel more meaningful. Remember, when in Rome, do what the Romans do. But also visit the Colosseum while you’re at it.

In light of this, try and stock your wardrobe with a variety of clothes. Having options will save you a great deal. Take a step further and establish the kind of clothing that is permissible and what is restricted. Foreign clothing might feel different at first, but it heightens your fashion sense and helps you appreciate life’s diversity.

  1. Meet and mingle with new people

Another great way of adding meaning to your travel is by meeting new people. Don’t just expect it, but plan for it. Learn a foreign language if you have to and look up what most locals like doing. In the end, you become more personable and can effectively associate with new people. 

It also helps you appreciate the existing similarities while noting the differences in business, personal development, and general philosophies. The extra knowledge and insights from like-minded people improve your knowledge-base and give you a chance of becoming a high achiever. 

Also, you could mingle with other travelers, learn about the places they have visited, and even follow them on social media. 

  1. Buy cute souvenirs

Souvenirs, unlike photos, are tangible reminders of the special moments you shared and can be a point of remembrance for years to come. One of the best practices you could adopt today is getting a souvenir for every destination, however small it might be. 

Cute objects help to reminisce and provide enough motivation to travel more and collect additional items. Besides, souvenirs would make a perfect gift for your loved ones back home, as well as making them feel part of the journey. Take it upon yourself to take any form of souvenir and have it stored on a special shelf. That way, your travel becomes more meaningful. 

  1. Keep a detailed journal.

Journaling is one of the most practical and proven methods of staying organized when traveling. A travel diary can be convenient when planning, budgeting, noting down reminders, and creating to-do lists. Unlike photos and souvenirs, keeping a journal helps you remember memories in a clear and more detailed manner.

When traveling, reflect on your experience as a whole, and note down the vital lessons. Not only will this make room for some introspection, but, provides an outlet for expression. So, the next time you travel, carry your diary and improve your mindfulness by jotting down anything you feel necessary.

Items that are easy to forget when traveling

If you are planning to travel soon, don’t forget to pack the following essentials. 

  • Phone charger
  • Sunscreen and relevant toiletries
  • Laundry bag
  • First aid kit and painkillers
  • Swimsuit
  • Umbrella
  • Sunglasses

In a nutshell, traveling is one of the most engaging and widely accepted forms of leisure. Though a luxury to many, it can boost mental health and help you unplug from the busyness of life. 

Regardless of the travel dynamics of variations you choose, be sure to incorporate some of the above tips to achieve a meaningful travel experience. In general, meaningful travel puts life into perspective, enables you to make new friends, builds your confidence, and helps you adapt to new surroundings.  

Go for it!

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Five Tips to Travel Like A Pro

Ok, so 2020 was not as adventurous as you may have hoped because of travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Statistics have shown a 48% drop in travel, causing a $10 billion loss to the airline and travel industry. After several months of sheltering in place and socially distancing, the wait is almost over as travel restrictions are gradually being lifted, and 50% of global destinations are reopening. Here are some tips to get you ready to travel again.

New York City
  1. Get the basics right

A passport is one of the essential items required for travel, but did you know that some countries will need at least half a year’s validity on your visa to visit the country? This means that your passport must be good for at least 6 months to be approved in the country you visit. These tickets may take a while to be approved, so trip cancellation insurance is something you should consider if you have to drop your plans due to covered reasons like COVID-19. Get a travel insurance policy to secure your belongings. 

  1. Make copies of your passport

If you lose your passport, you will have to go to your embassy for a temporary and replacement passport. Keeping copies of your passport can assist in proving your identity and processing your documents by the embassy. Consider saving copies online or via the cloud for easy access and security.

3. Take advantage of discounts and extras  

Banks have profited a lot from travelers using their bank cards on trips. There are many advantages of using financial services during your travels. First, there are no-fee bank cards available. There are also other options to help you save some extra cash, like credit cards that provide cash-back and other extras to fuel your car, purchase groceries, etc. When there are hotel and vacation costs to cover, points on smart credit cards can come in handy too. While planning your trip, research hotels to discover the best accommodation rates available.  You can also read more about cabins nearby as they offer more cost-effective alternatives.  

4. Share your travel plans

After planning and booking your trips, you should consider sharing your travel plans with your family and friends. If you put together your travel schedule online, there are resources like google sheets that let you share with other people. They can then easily follow your trip anytime you update your itinerary. Also, forward your booking mails to your travel mates and your emergency contact so they can have duplicates. 

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, your plans may not take plast as soon as you may have wanted. But the COVID-19 virus is gradually getting under control, so you may very well be traveling within a year. Either way, dealing with the essentials will make your travel experience a lot easier and enjoyable.

BONUS Tip! Enlist the Help of Others

Planning an itinerary can be stressful and we all know that high stress levels take their toll on our health and wellbeing. One way to minimize stress and ensure you look forward to a well-earned break is to enlist the help of others. Take advantage of agencies or companies that specialize in organizing itineraries, research online to get handy travel tips and share the load when it comes to making bookings and looking for deals. If you’re embarking upon the trip of a lifetime and crossing off bucket list destinations, for example, it’s natural to want to be on your best form. If you need some help in preparing for your Inca Trail trek, check out this helpful guide by The Explorer’s Passage. Making lists, seeking advice and using professional agencies and tour operators can all help to save time and stress. It’s also a great idea to get others in your party involved so that you can plan a trip that everyone will enjoy. 

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Maui Helicopter Ride

Maui Views Above

Went to Maui, Hawaii for a few days, and a few friends recommended that a helicopter ride was a MUST! So my boyfriend and I did it. Since we didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time on the island, it was a great way to get a gist of what the island is all about. The pilot gave us some info on the history and nature of the island. It’s so sad, but Maui is stopping production on their sugar cane farms and using the land for something else. I hope the history of Hawaii doesn’t get lost.

I was really inspired by the color palette of the land and wanted to share pictures of the landscape. It’s truly beautiful and vast with everything from rain and sunshine in one place, reefs with beautiful tropical fish in the ocean, windmills, large waterfalls and streams, windmills, and forests with eucalyptus trees.

The Helicopter Route

We went through Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours and took the Eco-Star tour of Hana/Haleakala. It was about 50 minutes in the air, where we flew past the Haleakala Crater, Oheo Gulch/ Seven Pools, Hana Town, Hana Rainforest, and the Northeast Maui shoreline. I felt like we visited 5 different climates and landscapes in one trip, while flying through some rain clouds and finding rainbows.



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