Five Tips to Travel Like A Pro

Ok, so 2020 was not as adventurous as you may have hoped because of travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Statistics have shown a 48% drop in travel, causing a $10 billion loss to the airline and travel industry. After several months of sheltering in place and socially distancing, the wait is almost over as travel restrictions are gradually being lifted, and 50% of global destinations are reopening. Here are some tips to get you ready to travel again.

New York City
  1. Get the basics right

A passport is one of the essential items required for travel, but did you know that some countries will need at least half a year’s validity on your visa to visit the country? This means that your passport must be good for at least 6 months to be approved in the country you visit. These tickets may take a while to be approved, so trip cancellation insurance is something you should consider if you have to drop your plans due to covered reasons like COVID-19. Get a travel insurance policy to secure your belongings. 

  1. Make copies of your passport

If you lose your passport, you will have to go to your embassy for a temporary and replacement passport. Keeping copies of your passport can assist in proving your identity and processing your documents by the embassy. Consider saving copies online or via the cloud for easy access and security.

3. Take advantage of discounts and extras  

Banks have profited a lot from travelers using their bank cards on trips. There are many advantages of using financial services during your travels. First, there are no-fee bank cards available. There are also other options to help you save some extra cash, like credit cards that provide cash-back and other extras to fuel your car, purchase groceries, etc. When there are hotel and vacation costs to cover, points on smart credit cards can come in handy too. While planning your trip, research hotels to discover the best accommodation rates available.  You can also read more about cabins nearby as they offer more cost-effective alternatives.  

4. Share your travel plans

After planning and booking your trips, you should consider sharing your travel plans with your family and friends. If you put together your travel schedule online, there are resources like google sheets that let you share with other people. They can then easily follow your trip anytime you update your itinerary. Also, forward your booking mails to your travel mates and your emergency contact so they can have duplicates. 

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, your plans may not take plast as soon as you may have wanted. But the COVID-19 virus is gradually getting under control, so you may very well be traveling within a year. Either way, dealing with the essentials will make your travel experience a lot easier and enjoyable.

BONUS Tip! Enlist the Help of Others

Planning an itinerary can be stressful and we all know that high stress levels take their toll on our health and wellbeing. One way to minimize stress and ensure you look forward to a well-earned break is to enlist the help of others. Take advantage of agencies or companies that specialize in organizing itineraries, research online to get handy travel tips and share the load when it comes to making bookings and looking for deals. If you’re embarking upon the trip of a lifetime and crossing off bucket list destinations, for example, it’s natural to want to be on your best form. If you need some help in preparing for your Inca Trail trek, check out this helpful guide by The Explorer’s Passage. Making lists, seeking advice and using professional agencies and tour operators can all help to save time and stress. It’s also a great idea to get others in your party involved so that you can plan a trip that everyone will enjoy. 

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