Following Beauty For You & No One Else

Do you ever feel like you make certain beauty or fashion choices to impress others? Maybe these choices bring compliments from others or are ways to start conversation and find something in common.

It’s not necessarily a ‘bad’ reason to do this. And let’s be honest, it’s nice to feel like you’re radiant, and that you look beautiful, or that you were able to be a little bit different. Confidence comes with walking into a room knowing that we’re well-put-together, as it helps us express who we are – and our best selves too.

But from time to time, the raw convention and expense can feel a little limiting. If dressing and feeling good begins to feel a like a chore more than something you do to enhance your life, then it can be good to take a breather or a step back.

Instead of looking for approval from others, what about doing it to feel better in yourself? Sounds inspiring, but what does that really mean? Keep reading:

Indulgent Fashion

Indulgent fashion may simply mean trying something new because it helps you feel happier in yourself. It can be nice to wear clothes for yourself. Maybe you’re really into a certain trend at the moment, (I pierced my ears over the summer, bridge piercing jewelry next?) and are using apps like Depop or handcrafted online stores like Etsy to find your inspo. You could try seeing what’s currently in your own wardrobe and cutting and redesigning clothes that you already have.

Supporting Businesses You Appreciate

Supporting businesses you appreciate will help you… well, it’ll help you support businesses you appreciate. Sometimes that’s all that matters, particularly at a time where Covid-19 and its associated (necessary) lockdowns are causing all types of businesses to struggle at the moment. After all, fashion is becomes a luxury people are cutting back on due to having nowhere really to ‘showcase’ the best of current fashion to begin with. Help by supporting companies that you feel have their priorities well-curated and that you hope to see make it out of this slump.

Make Your Own Trends

You could always make your own trends. Get that tattoo you’ve always wanted to get. It could be an animal that truly describes your personality, one you feel a connection with. Or you may have been on the fence about dying your hair. The more you go for whatever feels right, rather than whatever feels correct, you’ll begin to make your own trends, those that truly help you feel like yourself.

With these tips and some time, I hope you’ll find ways to express yourself. Remember to do it for you – and no one else.

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