Life Rhythms – Finding Your Path ft. Julia Lee

Life Rhythms Ryan Skyy Julia Lee

Your heart has the biggest influence on what you do. Follow it. ❤️

Have you ever felt caught between a rock and a hard place? A time when you weren’t quite sure what to do, but knew the decision you made would be life changing? So many times people told me to trust my gut when I was going through it, but I didn’t quite understand what that truly meant. Learning how to have this feeling was something I recently talked to @ryanskyy & @scottlouiswaldman about on Life Rhythms.

Life Rhythms Ryan Skyy Julia Lee

Listen to our convo where I opened up about the modeling industry and my journey of extreme highs and lows. All worth the rush. And if you know how to trust your gut, then you’re doing something right.

In every episode, Ryan Skyy talks about personal growth. Ryan has been a good friend of mine and we always end up getting very deep into convo about life, so I was super excited when he asked me to be part of his show. He is so good at breaking situations down and looking at the bigger picture, probably why he is such a talented DJ and composer!

Ryan also picks a song that sings to the theme of his show and special guest. My life rhythm is Do My Thing by @estelledarlings ft. @janellemonae “If you are expecting me to give you an apology, for being nothing that you used to, well go on right ahead and wait” ?

Life Rhythms Ryan Skyy Julia Lee

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Ask Dr. Daignault – Covid-19 Questions Answered

Got to sit down with Dr. Daignault, an ER doctor based in LA and medical news consultant for ABC7LA. He has also been featured on Inside Edition and gives us insight on navigating into Summer 2020 amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. Check the timestamps below for topics we discussed and his recommendations for Vitamin D dosage.

1:00 – What activities are safe for us?

2:21 – Who is more at risk when leaving home?

5:58 – What’s the deal with antibody testing?

8:53 – How often should I be washing my masks?

11:01 – What’s it like in the ER?

13:59 – If I’m sick, when do I go to the ER?

15:05 – Am I at risk suddenly going out after being home 2.5 months?

17:25 – Which supplements help boost my immunity?

22:43 – Why don’t we test everyone over 60?

24:22 – Thoughts on Covid-19 moving into summer 2020?

Dr. D recommends 1000-4000 IU of vitamin D per day depending on current vitamin D level.

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Playing Piano At Home During Shelter in Place

All right, you asked for it on IG, so here it goes… ?

And s/o to my Mom! ❤️ She’s my biggest piano fan. Or just a typical tiger mom. She yells good! from the kitchen at the end. Realities of being w/ your fam 24/7 during Covid. ? Some things never change… Song is Clementi: Sonatina in F Major, op. 36 no. 4 ? This is part of my At Home Covid Series.

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pink sunset clouds sky key west

Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve been writing on this blog. Personally, 2019 was a wild year for me. A lot of ups and downs that were life changing, amazing, and terrible. I had just gotten out of a 4-year relationship. A few months later, I had signed with one of the best modeling agencies in the world and had a family emergency within the same week. My father passed in December 2019, and fast forward to May 2020, here we are in the middle of a global pandemic. I’ve been spending my shelter in place at the home I grew up in outside Philadelphia.

I know it’s been tough for everyone. We really are all in this together. I haven’t been to a casting in two months, and the modeling industry is going to change much like every other industry. It’s been a different pace not being around brilliant creatives and artists every day. I don’t know if it’s normal, but I feel the need to constantly do something or create. I’ve been cooking with love and practicing the piano as a therapeutic way to stay sane. And now I’ve turned back to blogging!

I saw this one post from a friend that says everybody is an addict. I don’t smoke, but I know people who smoke because it gives them something to do with their hands. Let’s try to pick up better habits that lead to fulfillment. ❤️

I started a YouTube channel too, so subscribe and check out my videos!

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