Ask Dr. Daignault – Covid-19 Questions Answered

Got to sit down with Dr. Daignault, an ER doctor based in LA and medical news consultant for ABC7LA. He has also been featured on Inside Edition and gives us insight on navigating into Summer 2020 amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. Check the timestamps below for topics we discussed and his recommendations for Vitamin D dosage.

1:00 – What activities are safe for us?

2:21 – Who is more at risk when leaving home?

5:58 – What’s the deal with antibody testing?

8:53 – How often should I be washing my masks?

11:01 – What’s it like in the ER?

13:59 – If I’m sick, when do I go to the ER?

15:05 – Am I at risk suddenly going out after being home 2.5 months?

17:25 – Which supplements help boost my immunity?

22:43 – Why don’t we test everyone over 60?

24:22 – Thoughts on Covid-19 moving into summer 2020?

Dr. D recommends 1000-4000 IU of vitamin D per day depending on current vitamin D level.

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