Ways To Feel Confident About Yourself, a Positive Mindset

Confidence is a trait that all of us would like to have. And it can take time to feel, be, and look that way. In my opinion, it all comes from self-love and appreciation. When we focus on ourselves and improve our well-being, mental health, and physicality, we feel more content and proud of who we are. There should be no reason for any to not feel proud of themselves. We should all be confident and noble of who we are. If you lack that and need some inspiration, here are the top ways to feel more confident in yourself. 

Take Care Of Your Smile

A smile is a number one signifier of someone who is happy, let alone confident. It is a beautiful attribute that shows contentment and that someone is happy in life, as well as in themselves. To take care of your smile is as simple as at-home brushing and eliminating sugary foods and drinks. 

For those who want to improve their smile, there are numerous options. You could try out press on veneers, which is a great option for those who want to save money but get amazing results. Or, you could find at-home ways to naturally whiten your teeth, which is easier than ever with at-home kits and remedies. You can save a lot of money by whitening your teeth yourself. It will cause less pain too. All you need to do is ensure you care for teeth daily, whether you get veneers or whiten your teeth at home, brushing and flossing is key for healthier and happier teeth.


Affirmations give us the opportunity to choose words that help create or eliminate something in our lives, such as creating success or confidence or healthy relationships, and eliminating low self-esteem, destructive behaviors, and even pain.

Giving ourselves daily affirmations can reduce our bad habits and increase our self-esteem. Here are ten affirmations to try and get you started:

  1. I have the power to do the most incredible things
  2. I’m confident in myself and my abilities
  3. I always make the best decision for myself
  4. I am in charge of my life
  5. My confidence in myself grows more and more every day
  6. My confidence is constantly increasing
  7. I’m a magnet for success
  8. I can achieve anything I put my mind to
  9. I love myself
  10. I believe in myself and my abilities

Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People

Nothing takes away your confidence more than comparing yourself to others. Especially now, with social media and the wonderful opportunity to judge yourself against so many others. Lack of confidence comes from a gap in where you see yourself and where you think you should be.

Imagine you are preparing to give a big presentation or speech. So you do your research, which includes watching some of the best speakers in the world doing their Ted Talks. Of course, you are going to feel inferior.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Just stop. If you still feel a compelling need to compare – compare yourself to yourself. Measure how far you’ve come. See how much improvement you’ve made. Acknowledge your wins and successes.

Face Your Fears

Self-doubt, which holds you back in life, is not a burden you have to constantly carry around. Through consistent exposure to situations you fear, and which you habitually avoid, you can build self-respect and confidence.

When we feel in control, we’re not afraid. When we have a level of comfort with something, it’s not scary. When we don’t feel in control, we don’t think clearly because our emotional brain is in the driver’s seat and takes over. This is why fear often seems random and irrational—our emotions are in control.

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