Miu Miu Fragrance Launch Party

Miu Miu celebrated their newest fragrance, L’Eau Rosée, with a fun & fabulous launch party in NYC. It was the perfect way to end NYFW this season and get ready for Spring. L’Eau Rosée is for every girl who just wants to have fun and gets a rush from making decisions based on whimsy alone. If this sounds a lot like you, read on.

The Scent

The fragrance is soft and floral, but not overly sweet. I hate perfumes that make me smell like candy or body sprays I used when I was a teenager. The floral notes are lily of the valley and cassis buds that are complimented with a sophisticated musk. It’s a great scent to transition into Spring / Summer with.

The Miu Miu Girl’s Dream Apartment

The event was at The Apartment by The Line in Soho, NY. This world of Miu Miu was filled with bubbly, mani time, and kittens. Avocado toast and meringues were passed around the dream space that was decorated with the newest Spring/Summer collection. There were also cute lapel pins and cookies shaped in the L’Eau Rosée bottle. Don’t you wish you could live in an apartment like this every day? Click here for more on my look.


Photos: @bfa and @tico

If you live in the NY area and are interested in adopting the cute kittens from the party, check out Bideawee.

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