My Favorite Hair Volume Product

Virtue Labs Lifting Powder

The bigger the better, especially when it comes to your hair right? I can’t name one person who has said they wish their hair was flat. But what’s your method for getting your volume fix on? You could backcomb, use volume shampoo, or change your part.

Personally, when it comes to putting my hair up or getting a textured look, I think backcombing is counterproductive and the worst thing you could do. Regularly teasing with a brush can be really damaging to your hair and cause breakage. I recently started using this cool new Lifting Powder from Virtue Labs and wanted to share my styling experience with you.

virtue labs lifting powder

What is Lifting Powder?

This powder is a combination of Virtue’s Alpha Keratin 60ku™ and activating texture enhancers. Virtue is known for their patented keratin protein that is a hair lifeline. Really, it helps fix damage, frizz, and split ends. The powder lifts hair without leaving your hair looking white and has a subtle scent. It’s not a dry shampoo or hairspray.


How to Use

I’ve tried using the powder a few ways, and I like it best for half ponytails or a textured, messy look. For this half pony look, I started by creating loose waves with a 1 1/2 in. curling iron. Then I applied the lifting powder in two sections, the top crown of my head and a lower halo.

Virtue Labs Lifting Powder Volume 

The best way to do this is lift each section and spray from underneath one pump per side (a little goes a long way) and one for the back. Then I used my fingers to spread the product through the roots and create that lift. You’ll feel a little moisture as the powder starts to activate.


I also did the lower halo and shook my hair out at the end. After I used an elastic to secure the half pony. It was pretty easy and my hair kept its volume all day at the wedding I was at.

Virtue Labs Lifting Powder Volume

I love this lifting powder because you get volume in your casual or fancy updos without having to use one of those silly and obvious Bump It’s. You can also use it for your hair down and a textured, messy look.


Virtue Labs Lifting Powder Volume


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