The Verdict on Wearing Glasses?

Julia Lee Glasses for Your Face Shape

Have you tried adding trendy glasses to your look? There’s a geek-chic kind of style that everybody loves, except when you are told that you need to add a corrective lens to those frames. Say what now? It’s all fun doing the trendy eyewear with neutral lenses and those thin wire shapes, but as soon as it becomes imperative, your look seems a lot less cute. 

Why do we feel silly when we put on corrective glasses? Is it because we have to commit to wearing them and can’t just quickly throw them on as a fun accessory? How about the fact that the term “corrective glasses” just sounds so blah. The reason is the actual lens. Depending on the correction you are being prescribed, your lenses could be thick or thin. Besides, they could also transform your eyes, maximizing them, or minimizing your features into tiny dots. 

But have you heard of high-index lenses? These lenses can keep even the highest correction lenses between 5 and 8 mm, which can make a huge difference when rocking your glasses. Here are some other tips to make it work and fall in love with your eyewear:

Julia Lee Glasses for Your Face Shape Oversized Tortoise Frames
Oversized Tortoise Frames

Eyewear Comes in Many Shapes

The first thing you need to know about eyewear is that not all shapes will suit your face. You might find a small round frame a la John Lennon – or Harry Potter if we are to pick an earlier reference – appealing, but this shape works best on faces with prominent square features. If you have a round-ish face, on the other hand, this could play against you. On round faces, cat-eye frames add softness and angular features. Check out these styles at Definitely do your research and know what works for your face shape.

Another thing to keep in mind is the thinness of your frame. If your eyesight needs strong correction, your lenses may be too thick for the frames, even if you use those high-index materials. 

Your Hairstyle Changes the Shape of Your Face

How you wear your hair tells the story. The way it frames your face – or not – will help bring out your glasses. Someone with naturally thin hair is likely to feel overwhelmed by an oversized round or square frame. But does it mean you can’t wear such frames? Absolutely not! You can have a selection of two to three different frames to match your hairstyle. Take an oversized pair of glasses for instance. You may want to add some volume to your hair to create a homogeneous look. And if you opt for an elegant cat-eye frame, try it with some classy, glam waves.

Get Your Makeup on Point

Does makeup matter when you’re wearing glasses? Hell yes, girl! For a start, you’d showcase your eyes rather than your glasses. Take a look at this killer makeup guideline for babes who wear glasses on for major inspo. Try adding definition to your features with an eyeliner crayon to make your eyes pop out. Don’t be afraid of using a concealer too, as glasses can make small lines appear harsher.

So what’s the verdict? Do you still think you’ll look silly with glasses? No, but you’ll look different, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can experiment with different styles if you buy a couple of frames in various shapes or colors. More importantly, glasses can bring diversity to your look. And for days when you just can’t be bothered with extra eyewear, you can still pop in a pair of daily contact lenses! 

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