Last Stop – View from Marbella, Spain

Just one more! My boyfriend and I wanted to stop by one more place before leaving Europe. Our friends swore by Marbella, Spain. We took their recommendation and went to this beautiful, relaxing gem. I always say Spain has the bluest skies I’ve ever seen.


It was hard getting around if you couldn’t speak Spanish. Marbella is a vacation spot for Europeans, who can speak English, French, and Spanish. We had a little trouble telling the taxi drivers where to take us, so we had to dig deep to remember the old school Spanish classes we took back in the day.

We went to a romantic Italian restaurant called Villa Tiberio. The outdoor seating makes you feel like you’re dining like a Roman. During the day we checked out Ocean Club Marbella. They had everything on the menu, and fun cabanas to lounge in. Great place to enjoy the sun and people watch…if you’re into that.


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