What an Irish Wedding is to an American

After spending a day in London, we went to Dublin for a wedding. It was cloudy and reminded me a lot of my hometown Philadelphia.

Irish weddings are so different from Americans. The Guinness game there is real. Trays were being brought to each table and lots of cheers and toasts. The wedding was in an old castle. It was beautiful, like a fairy tale and I felt like I was going back in time.

So American weddings don’t have super long speeches. Or at least the ones I’ve been to. We made bets on how long the speech from the father of the bride would be.  My boyfriend and I guessed 3 min, but it ended up being 11 minutes. Oh and they partied until 5 AM.

The clouds cleared up for this special day. Cheers!

The Irish, like most European countries, like to take their time and appreciate the moment. I think they do more than Americans.

On another note, the Irish diet has a lot of meat and carbs. Blood sausage is so popular. It’s a regular sausage with a little extra, the blood of pig or cow. The taste is a lot deeper. I also tried to order pudding for breakfast, thinking I would get some kind of tapioca or rice pudding. Instead it was this thick mixture of pork, pork fat, and oatmeal. I could only have one bite before feeling full!

Check out these views of the castle, like a dream.



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